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TFT Set 11 – What’s New

Set 11 – What’s New
Inkborn Fables

Set Mechanic: Encounters

Welcome to the world of fables and mythical creatures – who knows what you will encounter? Teamfight Tactics new Set 11, Inborn Fables, introduces a brand new mechanic: Champion Encounters.

Champion Encounters will appear several times at random points in the game. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to be invited to a festival to dance for fortune with Kobuko. Maybe you will encounter Tahm Kench and be tempted to exchange gold for his merchandise of goods, or perhaps you will encounter Hwei, who will paint the entire carousel full of legendary units. Gods forbid, you encounter Kayn, who will bring an early end to the game on stage 5 for all players.

Encounter: Kobuko

Kobuko invites all tacticians to dance with him! The more players who join in, the higher the rewards!

Encounter: Kobuko

Qiyana opens up an armory of Radiant items – choose 1 from 4 different options.

Encounter: Lissandra

Lissandra wants to buy your items – will you sell them to her in exchange for gold?

Inkborn Fables introduces a unique approach to the game, requiring tacticians to act quickly against these transformative encounters.

New Set 11 Traits and Items


Gain unique Inkshadow items. Inkshadow champions gain bonus damage and damage reduction. Which Inkshadow items you get changes each game.

3 Inkshadows: 1 item 5% bonus damage & damage reduction
5 Inkshadows: 2 items 7% bonus damage & damage reduction
7 Inkshadows: 4 items 10% bonus damage & damage reduction
New Item: Tattoo of Vitality

Attacks heal the holder for 2.5% of their max Health and deal the same amount as bonus magic damage.

New Item: Tattoo of Force

Whenever the holder acquires a new target they run quickly to and briefly stun them, dealing 250 magic damage, and double the stats from this item for 4 seconds.

New Item: Tattoo of Bombardment

Every third attack fires bolts at the two lowest percent health enemies which deal 65% Attack Damage as physical damage.

New Item: Tattoo of Protection

Gain a 50% max Health Shield after casting the first time each combat. When it breaks, grant 50% of this shield amount to the two nearest allies.

New Item: Tattoo of Toxin

Damage applies a toxin that deals an additional 33% of that damage over 3 seconds and 33% Wounds the target.

New Item: Tattoo of Fury

Deal 35% bonus damage to targets below half health. On takedown, gain 40% attack speed for 6 seconds.


Storyweavers summon a Hero named Kayle and evolve her. Storyweavers gain max Health.

Each Storyweaver star level increases Kayle’s Health and Ability Power. Kayle gets 20 % bonus attack speed for each game Stage.

3 Storyweaver: Pick Supportive Perk and 100 Health
5 Storyweaver: Pick Combat Perk and 150 Health
7 Storyweaver: Pick Combat Perk and 150 Health
10 Storyweaver: Ascension and 250 Health

Talisman of Aid
This supportive perk will enable Kayle’s damaging attacks and and abilities 30% Shred and Sunder enemies hit for 3 seconds

Talisman of Might
This supportive perk will grant Kayle and adjacent allies in the same row 20 Ability Power at the start of combat

Scroll of Speed

This combat perk will allow Kayle’s ability to hit in a wider area

Tome of Mending
This combat perk will revive the strongest ally that hasn’t been revived yet at 50% of their maximum health every 8 seconds.
Supportive and Combat Perks



After 8 seconds of combat, the Dragon strikes the board, dealing true damage to enemies and granting all allies Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

2 Dragonlords: 5% HP True Damage and 20% Attack Speed
3 Dragonlords: 10% HP True Damage and 30% Attack Speed
4 Dragonlords: 15% HP True Damage and 1.5s stun
5 Dragonlords: 25% HP True Damage and 40% Attack Speed


Dryads gain Ability Power and 100 Health. Each enemy death grants additional HP.

2 Dryads: Gain 10 AP, 4 permanent HP per enemy death
4 Dryads: Gain 20 AP, 8 permanent HP per enemy death
6 Dryads: Gain 30 AP, 12 permanent HP per enemy death


Hover and drop one Fated unit over another to form a pair and unlock a Fated Bonus. Your pair gains 20% HP.

3 Fated: Pair gets the Fated Bonus
5 Fated: Gain 120% Fated Bonus
7 Fated: Gain 250% Fated Bonus


When you lose a fight, gain Luck. Lose Luck when you win.

Roll a die; in that many player combats, hold a Festival! At the Festival, you have the option to convert your Luck into rewards.

3 Fortune: Gain Luck on Losses
5 Fortune: Heal 2 players health at the start of combat
7 Fortune: Each Festival, roll a new die


Upon dealing or taking damage 7 times, Ghostly units send 2 spectres to haunt nearby enemies and heal 4.5% max HP every 2 seconds.

Haunted enemies take bonus damage for each spectre on them, and pass spectres on death.

2 Ghostly: 5% bonus damage per Spectre
4 Ghostly: 11% bonus damage per Spectre
6 Ghostly: 18% bonus damage per Spectre
8 Ghostly: 36% bonus damage per Spectre


Heavenly champions grant a unique stat bonus to your team, increased by their star level and each Heavenly unit in play. 2-stars grant 50% more. 3-stars grant 90% more.

Khazix: 10% Critical Strike Chance
Malphite: 8 Armor and Magic Resist
Neeko: 60 HP
Qiyana: 10 Attack Damage
Soraka: 10 Ability Power
Wukong: 12% Attack Speed
Emblem: 3% Omnivamp

2 Heavenly: 100% unique stat bonus
3 Heavenly: 114% unique stat bonus
4 Heavenly: 139% unique stat bonus
5 Heavenly: 164% unique stat bonus
6 Heavenly: 189% unique stat bonus
7 Heavenly: 220% unique stat bonus


Change which Lover takes the field depending on whether they are placed in the front or back 2 rows. When the fielded Lover casts, the other provides a bonus effect.

Front: Altruist Rakan
Back: Trickshot Xayah


Mythic champions gain HP, Ability Power, and Attack Speed.

After 4 player combats, they become Epic, increasing the bonus by 50%.

3 Mythic: 11% HP and 10 AP
5 Mythic: 18% HP and 15 AP
7 Mythic: 25% HPand 20 AP
10 Mythic: Instantly become Epic with and increase the bonus by 200%


After casting, Porcelain champions boil, gaining Attack Speed and taking less damage for 3 seconds.

2 Porcelain: 30% Attack Speed and 15% Damage Reduction
4 Porcelain: 60% Attack Speed and 20% Damage Reduction
6 Porcelain: 100% Attack Speed and 30% Damage Reduction


The moon illuminates hexes, Shielding units placed in them at the start of combat.

Umbral units in illuminated hexes execute low Health enemies.

2 Umbral: 250 Shield and execute health under 12%
4 Umbral: 500 Shield and execute health under 20%
6 Umbral: 750 Shield and illuminate the whole board
8 Umbral: Executed enemies have a 100% chance to drop loot, 25% Health execute

Origin Traits



Altruists heal the lowest Health ally for 15% of damage they deal. Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist.

2 Altruists: 10 Armor and Magic Resist
3 Altruists: 10 Armor and Magic Resist
4 Altruists: 40 Armor and Magic Resist


Arcanists gain Ability Power and grant Ability Power to allies.

2 Arcanists: 20 Ability Power to all team allies
4 Arcanists: 40 AP to Arcanist; 20 AP to others
6 Arcanists: 80 AP to Arcanist; 40 AP to others
8 Arcanists: 8120AP to Arcanist; 100 AP to others


The Artist paints the champion you place in a special bench slot. Get a 1-star copy of the champion placed there when the Artist’s work is complete.


Behemoths gain increased Armor and Magic Resist. Whenever a Behemoth dies, the nearest Behemoth gains 50% more for 5 seconds.

2 Behemoths: 30 Armor and Magic Resist
4 Behemoths: 45 Armor and Magic Resist
6 Behemoths: 80 Armor and Magic Resist


Your team gains 100 maximum Health. Bruisers gain additional maximum Health.

2 Bruisers: Gain 20% Bonus Health
4 Bruisers: Gain 40% Bonus Health
6 Bruisers: Gain 70% Bonus Health
8 Bruisers: Gain 85% Bonus Health and 6% max HP bonus physical damage with their next attack every 4s.


Duelists gain Attack Speed on each attack, stacking up to 12 times.

2 Duelists: Gain 5% Attack Speed Per Strike
4 Duelists: Gain 9% Attack Speed Per Strike
6 Duelists: Gain 12% Attack Speed Per Strike and 12% Damage Reduction


Your team gains 5% bonus damage, plus more based on your level.

After combat, store 1 XP in a Soul Core. Sell the Core to claim the XP. Each game a different set of units is Exalted.

3 Exalted: Gain 1% Damage per level
5 Exalted: Gain 3% Damage per level


Every 3 casts, Wukong grows his weapon, modifying his Abilities.


Every 3 seconds, your units gain Mana.

2 Invokers: 5 mana to all
4 Invokers: Additional 15 mana to Invokers
6 Invokers: 15 mana to all, additional 15 mana to Invokers


Reapers’ Abilities can critically strike and they gain 20% Critical Strike Chance.

2 Reapers: Gain +20% Critical Strike chance
4 Reapers: Apply 60% bonus Damage Bleed for 3s


Combat start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain Omnivamp. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

2 Sages: 11% Omnivamp (Front 2 Rows) / 15 AP (Back 2 Rows)
3 Sages: 18% Omnivamp (Front 2 Rows) / 30 AP (Back 2 Rows)
4 Sages: 30% Omnivamp (Front 2 Rows) / 45 AP (Back 2 Rows)
5 Sages: 44% Omnivamp (Front 2 Rows) / 70 AP (Back 2 Rows)


Innate: Snipers gain 1 Attack Range.

Snipers deal more damage to targets farther away.

2 Snipers: Gain 7% Damage per Hex of distance
4 Snipers: Gain 14% Damage per Hex of distance
6 Snipers: Gain 30% Damage per Hex of distance

Spirit Walker

The first time the Spirit Walker drops below 50% Health, he unleashes the rage within, healing to full Health, gaining increased movement speed, and changing his Ability from Ram Slam to Tiger Strikes.


Trickshots’ abilities ricochet. Each ricochet deals a percentage of the previous bounce’s damage.

2 Trickshot: 1 Ricochet dealing 40%
4 Trickshot: 2 Ricochets dealing 50%


Wardens gain Damage Reduction. For the first 10 seconds of combat, they gain an additional 12% Damage Reduction.

2 Wardens: 14% Damage Reduction
4 Wardens: 26% Damage Reduction
6 Wardens: 38% Damage Reduction


Set 11 Champions

Alune (Umbral, Invoker)

Skill: Lunar Barrage

Alune rains meteors through the row with the most total enemy Health. Meteors deal magic damage split between all enemies hit. Deal magic damage to the current target. All enemies hit are 20% Shredded for 6 seconds.

Grant 40% Attack Speed split amongst allies in Alune’s row for 5 seconds.

Kobuko (Fortune, Bruiser)

Skill: Money Dance

Passive: When you gain interest, Kobuko gains permanent Health per gold collected.

Active: Heal over 2 seconds. Kobuko’s next attack deals bonus magic damage.

1-Cost Champions

Ahri (Fated, Arcanist)

Love Bomb

Deal magic damage to the current target and magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Fated Bonus: Gain 25 AP.

Caitlyn (Ghostly, Sniper)

Ace in the Hole

Fire a bullet towards the farthest enemy, dealing 800% AD + % AP physical damage to the first enemy hit.

Chogath (Mythic, Behemoth)


Gain Shield for 4 seconds and breathe a cone of fire, dealing magic damage, Burning, and Wounding enemies hit for 9 seconds. Burn: Deal 1% of the target’s max Health as true damage every second Wound: Reduce healing received by 50%

Darius (Umbral, Duelist)


Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. For the next 4 seconds, attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Garen (Storyweaver, Warden)


Gain Shield for 5 seconds. Garen’s next attack deals additional damage.

Jax (Inkshadow, Warden)

Counter Strike

Gain 60 Armor and Magic Resist for the next 2 seconds. Afterwards, deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. The current target takes magic damage and is Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Khazix (Heavenly, Reaper)


Leap towards the lowest Health enemy within 3 hexes and deal % AD + % AP physical damage.

Malphite (Heavenly, Behemoth)

Topaz Skin

For 8 seconds, gain Armor and attacks deal magic damage to enemies in a cone.

Sivir (Storyweaver, Trickshot)

On the Hunt

Gain Attack Damage and grant Attack Speed to self and adjacent allies for 5 seconds.

Yasuo (Fated, Duelist)

Steel Tempest

Passive: Attacks while Shielded deal bonus magic damage.

Active: Gain Shield for 5 seconds and deal magic damage to the current target.

Fated Bonus: Gain 400 Shield at the start of combat.

2-Cost Champions

Aatrox (Ghostly, Inkshadow, Bruiser)

Phantom Blade

20% Shred the current target for 4 seconds and deal magic damage to them. Heal yourself.

Shred: Reduce Magic Resist

Gnar (Dryad, Warden)

Boulder Toss

Passive: Gain 2% AP Attack Damage upon attacking or getting hit, up to 50 times.

Active: Fling a boulder at the current target, dealing physical damage to targets in a line.

Janna (Dragonlord, Invoker)

Heavenly Winds

Grant Shield to Janna and the lowest Health ally for 4 seconds. Then, deal magic damage to the 2 nearest enemies.

Kindred (Dryad, Fated, Reaper)

Flourish of Arrows

Dash away from the current target and deal magic damage to them and magic damage to the nearest enemy.

Fated Bonus: Gain 20% Attack Speed.

Lux (Porcelain, Arcanist)

Bunny Binding

Throw a spirit bunny towards the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies along the way, reduced by 30% each time it hits an enemy. The first 2 enemies hit are Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Neeko (Heavenly, Mythic, Arcanist)

Hop Blossom

Hop into the air, reducing damage taken and Healing over 2 seconds. After, slam down and deal magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Qiyana (Heavenly, Duelist)

Supreme Display of Talent

For 4 seconds, attacks deal 135% AD + % AP bonus physical damage to the target and 75% of the damage as physical damage to enemies behind them. Qiyana will dash to find the best angle.

Riven (Storyweaver, Altruist, Bruiser)

Broken Wings

Deal physical damage to the current target. Every 3rd cast, also deal physical damage to adjacent enemies and heal.

Senna (Inkshadow, Sniper)


Fire a laser 2 Hexes beyond the current target, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. Grant Attack Damage to Senna and allies to the left and right for 4 seconds.

Shen (Ghostly, Behemoth)

Spirit’s Refuge

For 4 seconds, reduce damage taken by for Shen and for adjacent allies. Shen’s next 3 attacks deal bonus true damage.

Teemo (Fortune, Trickshot)

Dim-Sum Delivery

Throw a spoiled dumpling at the nearest non-poisoned enemy, poisoning them for magic damage over 10 seconds.

Yorick (Umbral, Behemoth)

Dark Deposit

Sap power from the 2 nearest enemies, gaining max Health and dealing magic damage to them over 3 seconds.

Zyra (Storyweaver, Sage)

Paper Thorns

Summon 2 Vine Lashers that attack the nearest enemy 3 times. Their attacks deal magic damage and Wound their targets for 6 seconds. Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

3-Cost Champions

Alune (Umbral, Invoker)

Lunar Barrage

Rain meteors through the row with the most total enemy Health. Meteors deal magic damage split between all enemies hit. Deal magic damage to the current target. All enemies hit are 20% Shredded for 6 seconds.

Grant 40% Attack Speed split amongst allies in Alune’s row for 5 seconds.

Shred: Reduce Magic Resist

Amumu (Porcelain, Warden)

Herbal Tea-rs

Over the next 3 seconds, heal Health and cry on adjacent units. Tears heal allies for Health and deal magic damage to enemies.

Aphelios (Fated, Sniper)


20% Sunder the nearest 3 enemies for 7 seconds. Then fire 3 shots at them, dealing % AD + % AP physical damage each.

Fated Bonus: Gain 25% AD.

Bard (Mythic, Trickshot)

Meep Meep!

For the next seconds, attacks instead throw 2 Meeps, each dealing physical damage and magic damage.

Diana (Dragonlord, Sage)

Purification Rites

Heal and create a 1-hex sacred zone around Diana for 4 seconds, taking 20% reduced damage from enemies outside the zone. While the zone is up, Diana’s attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Illaoi (Ghostly, Arcanist, Warden)

Prophet of Spirits

Gain Shield and summon a tentacle near the current target for 4 seconds. The tentacle slams every second, dealing magic damage in a line and healing Illaoi.

Soraka (Heavenly, Altruist)

Divine Judgement

Passive: Each time your team loses 20% of their total Health, gain 10 Ability Power for the rest of combat.

Active: Mana Reave the largest group of enemies within range. Deal magic damage to the center enemy and magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Tahm Kench (Mythic, Bruiser)

Tongue Lash

Gain 18% HP Shield for 6 seconds and deal magic damage to the current target. If Tahm Kench has more Health than them, deal 250% of the damage instead. Otherwise, gain bonus Shield.

Thresh (Fated, Behemoth)

Guided Passage

Grant Shield to Thresh and the lowest Health ally for 4 seconds and deal magic damage to enemies adjacent to both. Thresh shares % of his Armor and Magic Resist with the shielded ally for 6 seconds.

Fated Bonus: Gain 20 Armor and Magic Resist.

Tristana (Fortune, Duelist)

Firecracker Frenzy

Gain Attack Damage for 6 seconds. Jump on the lowest Health enemy within range and deal % AD + % AP physical damage to adjacent enemies, before bouncing to a safe location.

Volibear (Inkshadow, Duelist)

Ink Smash

Empower the next three attacks. The first two heal and deal bonus magic damage. The final attack deals 10% HP + % AP magic damage and Stuns the target for 1 second.

Yone (Umbral, Reaper)

Fate Sealed

Dash in spirit form to the furthest enemy within Hexes for 3 seconds, dealing physical damage and Wounding enemies along the way for 5 seconds. While in spirit form, gain Shield and 80% Attack Speed. Afterwards, Yone returns to his starting position.

Each cast this combat increases his dash range by 1 Hex.

Zoe (Fortune, Storyweaver, Arcanist)


Passive: Kills increase the number of ricochets by 1 for the rest of combat.

Active: Fire a missile dealing magic damage to the current target. The missile ricochets to the farthest unit within 2 hexes, dealing magic damage.

4-Cost Champions

Annie (Fortune, Invoker)

Get ’em, Tibbers!

Passive: Heal 5% HP when damaging a Burning enemy. Active: On first cast, hop on Tibbers, gaining 15% HP + % AP max Health and Stunning enemies within 2 hexes for 1.5 seconds.

Deal magic damage, Burn, and Wound enemies within 2 hexes for 8 seconds.

Ashe (Porcelain, Sniper)

Rain of Shards

Passive: Start with 15 arrows. Gain arrows every 3 attacks.

Active: Fire a volley split between the current target and the 3 closest enemies within range, dealing physical damage per arrow.

Galio (Storyweaver, Bruiser)

Savior’s Protection

Taunt enemies within 3 hexes and gain 50% AR + Armor and 50% MR + Magic Resist for 4 seconds. Galio is immobile and unstoppable during this time.

After, deal magic damage to all enemies in range and grant 10% HP Shield to allies in range for 4 seconds.

Kaisa (Inkshadow, Trickshot)


Fire 20 waves at the current target over 2 seconds, each dealing % AD + % AP physical damage to the first enemy hit. If an enemy is hit by 10 waves, they take % AD + % AP physical damage per wave instead.

Kayn (Ghostly, Reaper)

Shadow Assassin

On first cast, transform, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. While transformed, gain 30% Critical Strike Chance and critical attacks damage adjacent enemies. If the spin only hits one enemy, the damage is increased by 50%.

Subsequent casts deal % AD + % AP physical damage to units in a line through the target instead.

Lee Sin (Dragonlord, Duelist)

Dragon’s Dance

Kick the target’s spirit out of their body, dealing physical damage increased by 50% of bonus Attack Speed, 30% Mana Reaving them, and Stunning them. Enemies hit by the spirit take physical damage. Gain Shield for 3 seconds.

Lilia (Mythic, Invoker)


Hurl an orb towards the current target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and adjacent enemies. It continues rolling as a smaller orb, dealing magic damage to enemies it hits.

Every third cast launches a mega orb at her target that deals magic damage and splits into 3 smaller orbs that roll towards the farthest enemies.

Morgana (Ghostly, Sage)

The Tempest’s Torment

Create an expanding blizzard at the largest clump of enemies within range that deals magic damage over 3 seconds and Chills for 1 second.

Nautilus (Mythic, Warden)

Depth Charge

Send 3 shockwaves towards the most enemies in a line, dealing magic damage and Stunning all enemies hit.

Ornn (Dryad, Behemoth)

Forge of the Forest

Gain 15% HP + % AP shield for 4 seconds. Channel and forge upstoppably over 2 seconds, dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies over the duration. After, toss an ephemeral Completed item to the nearest ally.

Sylas (Umbral, Bruiser)

Unchain the Demon

Dash around the target and slam, dealing magic damage and healing. Swipe after, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Syndra (Fated, Arcanist)

Phantom Butterflies

Passive: Start combat with 7 butterflies and gain one every 2 casts or on ally death.

Active: Throw all butterflies at the current target, dealing magic damage for each butterfly. Fated Bonus: Deal 11% more damage.

Fated Bonus: Deal 11% more damage.

5-Cost Champions

Azir (Dryad, Invoker)


Fire a beam through the current target, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. Spawn a Guardian adjacent to the first enemy hit. The Guardian does not move or attack.

Hwei (Mythic, Artist)

A Brush with Fate

Create an expanding paint pool around the most units that heals allies within for Health every second for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it explodes, healing allies within for Health and dealing magic damage to enemies.

Irelia (Storyweaver, Duelist)

Blade Dance

Passive: Attacks send blades that dart between enemies, dealing physical damage and 30% Sunder for 5 seconds. Cast every 8 attacks.

Active: Command the blades to swiftly strike the three lowest Health enemies, dealing 100% AP + % AD and applying on-hit effects physical damage.

Irelia converts 25% of bonus attack speed into faster blade movement, and 50% into Attack Damage.

Lissandra (Porcelain, Arcanist)

Let ’em Brew

Steep the current target in a teapot, Stunning and dealing magic damage over time. If they die, Lissandra turns them into a loot orb. Otherwise, Lissandra throws the teapot at the largest group of enemies, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.

If the target is the last enemy remaining, kill them instantly.

Rakan (Dragonlord, Lovers, Altruist)

Grand Entrance

Dash into the largest group of enemies and deal magic damage to enemies in a 2-hex range. Gain Shield for each enemy hit for 2 seconds and reduce their damage by 10% for 4 seconds.

Sett (Fated, Umbral, Warden)

Light and Shadow

Passive: At the start of combat, squat adjacent units in the same row. Permanently gain 1% Attack Damage for each 1000 Health squatted. Gains are doubled in Hyper Roll.

Active: Slam the current target forward, Stunning them and dealing physical damage. Deal 200% AD + % AP + % of the target’s maximum health as physical damage to enemies within 2.5 hexes.

Fated Bonus: Gain 15% Omnivamp

Udyr (Inkshadow, Behemoth, Spirit Walker)

Ram Slam / Tiger Strikes

Ram Slam: Gain Shield for 3 seconds and charge through the current target, briefly knocking up any enemies he hits. Grab the nearest enemy and slam them into the ground, dealing total magic damage to them and adjacent enemies.

Tiger Strikes: Gain Attack Speed and empower Udyr’s attacks to strike additional times dealing bonus magic damage.

Wukong (Heavenly, Great, Sage)

Legendary Prowess

Cycle through the following abilities:

Throw staff out, dealing physical damage to the current target and Stunning them.

Spin, dealing physical damage to enemies within 1-hex range.

Dash to hit the most enemies in a 3-hex line, then slam down staff dealing % AD + % AP physical damage to enemies hit.

Xayah (Dragonlord, Lovers, Trickshot)

Feathers Fly!

Throw feathers at the 4 closest enemies, each dealing physical damage. Then, recall the feathers, dealing % AD + % AP physical damage to enemies they pass through.

Set 11 New Portals

Portals are now a mainstay for Teamfight Tactics! Expect new and revisited portals for every set from now on!

Champion ConferenceEvery stage, get a champion that fits your team.
Champion DeliveryTwice per stage, gain a high cost champion. The cost increases with game time.
Gold OpenerEveryone starts with 7 additionol gold.
Lethal LegendsDeal +1 damage to the enemy after winning combat.
Max InterestMaximum interest is increased to 7 gold.
Player Health DecreaseStart with 85 player health.
Radiant BlessingAt 40 player health, receive a blessing that contains powerful loot.
SpatulaStart with a Spatula.
Wandering VendorsStart with a Training Dummy with 2 permanently attached Support items.

Set 11 New Augments

See a list of all augments here

Fine VintageCompleted items left on your bench for 3 rounds transform into Support items.
Lunch MoneyEvery 8 damage you deal to enemy tacticians gives you 2 gold.
Over EncumberedFor the next stage, you only get 2 bench slots. After, get 3 item components.
Pick of the LitterOpen a special shop with three free 3-cost champions. You can only pick one, but you get 2 copies of it
The Golden RemoverGain a Golden Remover and component item anvil.
Ba-BOOM!Your champions deal 75% more damage for 2 seconds on every other cast.
Call to AdventureEvery 2 takedowns, Storyweaver Kayle permanently gains 2 Ability Power and 12 Health. Gain a Garen and a Sivir.
Divine RollsAt the start of every stage, including this one, gain 4 free rerolls + 1 for each of your Heavenly champions. Gain a Kha’Zix and a Malphite.
Dynamic DuoGet a random 5-cost champion and a random champion that shares a trait with them. Get 10 gold.
EpochNow, and at the start of every stage, gain 6 XP and 3 free rerolls for that round only.
AccompliceGet a Support Thief’s Gloves and 8 gold.
At What CostImmediately go to level 6. You don’t get to choose your future augments. Gain 1 gold.
Tiny, buy DeadlyYour units are 50% smaller, but move and attack 30% faster.
Too Much CandyYour rerolls cost 0 gold. Every 6 rerolls, the cost goes up by 1 gold. At the start of each stage your reroll cost is reset to 0.
Two for OneEach round, get a copy of the first champion you buy that costs 3 or less. If your bench is full and you are in combat, instead of granting an additional copy on the board, you just get the gold.